A downloadable game

A game being made with SRPG Studio;

Hi! Lost Warriors is my first ever game. It's in early development right now, with only about 8 complete chapters and 7 complete quests., so most things you see in the demo will be changed from SRPG Studio's presets. I am working with two close friends on the project though, Jordan Slav and Ava Hendricks, who do most of the artwork in the game (including the cover image). The game is heavily based on Fire Emblem game-play wise, with my favorite Fire Emblem character making an appearance with a different name.  All characters were thought up by either me or my friends, and the descriptions are all inside jokes. I hope you enjoy the game, and just remember it's not finished! Also, please don't expect amazing writing. I tried my best but it is sub-par at most. (The game is not downloadable at the moment)


Game Engine: SapphireSoft

Sprites: Fuwafuwa, VIPSSRPG, 

Art: Ava Hendricks

Characters: My friends and me pretty much

Scripts: Claris

Join the discord server for updates:  https://discord.gg/UWmN2rb